Holistic Health Center in the Village of Webster NY 

Our Passion is to offer you clear instructions, holistic products & healing methods for you to achieve Optimum Health!

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To Help You

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Feel Great  

#Improve your health right here at The Holistic Health Center where we offer #Alternative Approaches to Wellness through #HealthCoaching,  #LifeCoaching, #Acupressure, #Anti Aging, #Vitamins & Dietary, #Weight Loss Programs, #Detox, #Massage, #Facials,  #Cellulite Reduction/Elimination,  #LED Light Therapy, #Reiki, IMRS/PEMF Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, & Other Healthy #Alternatives!

Meet Our Businesses

7 West Main Street

Webster, NY 14580



  Professional Nutrition Services


Marge Pickering-Picone

Professional Nutrition Services is in the Holistic Health Center located at 7 West Main St. in the Village of Webster.   It is  owned and operated by Marge Pickering-Picone. Marge has dedicated over 35+ years to research on natural approaches to improve the health hundreds of clients and their families when traditional approaches weren't helping to improve their quality of life.  She is the Founder & Holistic Health Practitioner & Wellness and Life Experience Coach offering alternatives and healing to provide superior care and solutions to individuals from around the world. Marge is committed to helping others and it is her firm belief that everyone should live their life to the fullest by feeling great and looking great. Every area of your system runs on fuel and that fuel is nutrients.  Marge teaches individuals what supplements and food changes help to improve their chronic problems helping to reduce and some cases avoid the use of medications for as long as possible.  Marge is also a Life Experience Coach that helps & guides Individuals that find themselves Divorced, Caring for Aging Parents or fitting into a Step Family.  Marge is the founder of the Holistic Health Center and feelgreatcenter.com, Professional Nutrition Services of Rochester, Transition Turbo 40 Fat & Inch Loss Program and Officiates at Non-Denominational Weddings.

Need to Feel Better Physically & Mentally?

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Healthy Glow Spa


massage therapy, massage therapist, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone, facials

I am here to help you Look & Feel your Best! Located in the Holistic Health Center and is operated by Christina LaDuca-Costa. She loves helping people at the Feel Great Center!  She was inspired to create Healthy Glow Spa out of the need to provide innovative, holistic services with the safest, most natural products. Christina is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. Specialized treatments focused on reducing and managing stress, relieving pain and creating healthy lifestyle principles.  She is the best kept secret in town!  Once you experience her Therapeutic Massage, you will return on a regular basis ( it happens every time!)  


Holistic Health Center 

Our Passion is to offer you clear instructions, holistic products & healing methods for you to achieve Optimum Health!

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